About Us

We are a veteran spouse-owned company, and our entire team consists of animal lovers. Our team members undergo thorough background checks and are certified in animal first aid. In addition, we care for avian and exotic pets for no additional charge and have experience with rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, parrots, reptiles, and fish.

Our Story

Woodbridge Pet Care was formed in late 2021 and began operation in April of 2022 when Heather, our owner, took over Happy Houlas (where she was working) because the owner moved.

Meet The Team


Heather Gann, Owner

Heather and her husband Matt are the lucky pawparents to 10 rescued animals, including dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, and a parrot! She has always been an animal lover and was fortunate enough to leave her career as a speech therapist and begin her career as a pet caregiver in June of 2021. She took over the business in April of 2022. She has experience with multiple medical issues, including diabetes, collapsing trachea, renal disease, blindness, dementia, DIM, adrenal disease, and insulinoma. She is trained and experienced in administering oral and ophthalmic medications, sub q injections for insulin, intramuscular injections for various medications, and giving subcutaneous fluids. She also has extensive experience with aggressive, fearful, and unsocialized animals. When she’s not busy caring for the Woodbridge family of pets, she stays occupied as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the Commonwealth of Virginia, focusing her efforts on squirrels, possums, and rodents. When she’s not caring for animals, she enjoys cooking, riding motorcycles, and playing board games


Matt Gann,
overnight visits

Matt is a veteran of the US Coast Guard and an animal lover. People have often said that animals are drawn to Matt more so than they are to other people. He enjoys cooking, riding motorcycles, and playing tabletop role-playing games. He has a special fondness for Yorkshire terriers because they all believe they are descendants of a proud and noble breed


Steffanie Craig,
daily walks/
pet sits

Steffanie is a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant at Ashland Elementary School. She primarily assists with pet sitting visits in the evenings and on the weekends. During the summer, she helps with daily dog walks. She is a lover of all animals, and had her own cat for 20 years until she passed over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. She's also worked with a professional groomer as her bathing and pet sitting assistant, and can't wait to meet all of your furry family members!


Dana Rybak,
daily walks/pet sitting

Dana can't wait to meet your furry companion. She's loved animals ever since she can remember, from elementary class pets to a childhood full of gerbils and hamsters to taking care of all kinds of farm animals as an adult. Herd dogs to bite-size lap dogs-she loves them all! She enjoys making homemade dog biscuits, as well as cooking and baking from the best ingredients, grown locally. Coming from a background in studying nutrition, she's worked with local food systems throughout Virginia, with the hopes and dreams of starting her own farmstead with family in the near future. If she were to shapeshift into an animal, she would be a duck! Best of all earthly realms-flies in the sky, waddles on the ground, and piddle paddles in the water!